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  1. Comment by Denise Meyer:

    Please consider including Sciounsness, Eirini Press’ new offering on William James and consciousness, edited by Jonathan Bricklin. The book has received strong early reviews by What is Enlightenment Magazine and on NonDuality.com.

    Info from the Book Release:
    In his classic textbook on psychology, William James coined the term “sciousness,” the prime reality of non-dual consciousness, without a sense of self. In later essays, sciousness was used by James to challenge the common sense division of reality into subjects and objects. When quantum physicists such as Neils Bohr began issuing the
    same challenge a decade later, they discovered that James had prepared the way. And as the first modern-trained scientist to affirm the prime reality of non-dual experience, James prepared the way for Westerners today who seek to comprehend mainstream
    Eastern spiritual teachings — such as advaita, yoga, taoism, and zen — or the mystic sidestreams of our own culture — such as Parmenides, Plotinus, and Eckhart. So aligned, in fact, was James’s thought to the East, that renowned Japanese philosopher, Kitaro Nishida, used James to explain Zen to the Japanese themselves.

    This volume features Jonathan Bricklin’s critically acclaimed essay Sciousness and Consciousness, William James and the Prime Reality of Non-Dual Experience, along with James’s seminal essays: Does Consciousness Exist, The Notion of Consciousness, A World of Pure
    Experience, excerpts, a commentary by James’s colleague the eminent psychologist, Theodore Flournoy, as well as the Third Zen Patriarch Sosan’s treatise, On Believing in Mind. Together they form a manifesto of non-dualism from the 7th century to the 21st.

    June 27, 2008 @ 8:04 am
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