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Consciousness books – 2011

Written on March 18, 2011

This is a list of books on consciousness published or forthcoming in 2011, based on a search at WorldCat, with links to Amazon [& publication month in square brackets]:

Altering Consciousness: Multidisciplinary Perspectives, 2 vols. ed. by Etzel Cardeña; Michael Winkelman (Santa Barbara, Calif.: Praeger, 2011-) [May] (amazon.co.uk – May)

Chimeras and Consciousness: Evolution of the Sensory Self ed. by Lynn Margulis; Celeste A Asikainen; Wolfgang E Krumbein (Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 2011) [Apr] (amazon.co.uk – Mar)

Consciousness: An Introduction, 2nd ed. by Susan J Blackmore (New York: Oxford University Press, 2011) [Feb] (amazon.co.uk – Apr)

Consciousness and the Prospects of Physicalism (Philosophy of Mind) by Derk Pereboom (New York: Oxford University Press, 2011) [Mar] (amazon.co.uk – May)

Embodiment, Emotion, and Cognition by Michelle Maiese (Basingstoke, Hampshire; New York, NY: Palgrave Macmillan, 2011) [Feb] (amazon.co.uk – Dec 2010)

The Emergence of Mind: Representations of Consciousness in Narrative Discourse in English (Frontiers of Narrative) ed. by David Herman (Lincoln: University of Nebraska Press, 2011) [listed as May, but already available in March 2011] (amazon.co.uk – May)

Experimental Phenomena of Consciousness: A Brief Dictionary, Revised Edition by Talis Bachmann; Bruno G Breitmeyer; Haluk Ögmen (New York: Oxford University Press, 2011) [Apr]

Investigating Pristine Inner Experience: Moments of Truth by Russell T Hurlburt (Cambridge ; New York: Cambridge University Press, 2011) [Jul] (amazon.co.uk -Jul)

Living Consciousness: The Metaphysical Vision of Henri Bergson by G William Barnard (Albany: State University of New York Press, 2011) [Dec] (no Amazon link yet – publisher info)

The Living Mind: From Psyche to Consciousness by Richard Dien Winfield (Lanham, Md.: Rowman & Littlefield Publishers, 2011) [Jul] “explores the biological foundations of psychology from a broadly Hegelian perspective”

The Mind: Leading Scientists Explore the Brain, Memory, Consciousness, and Personality by John Brockman (New York: Harper Perennial, 2011) [Aug] (amazon.co.uk – Aug)

Perplexities of Consciousness (Life and Mind: Philosophical Issues in Biology and Psychology) by Eric Schwitzgebel (Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 2011) [Feb] (amazon.co.uk – Feb)

Phenomenal Consciousness: Understanding the Relation Between Experience and Neural Processes in the Brain by Dimitris Platchias (Montreal; Ithaca, NY: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2011) [Mar] (amazon.co.uk – Oct 2010)

Philosophy, Neuroscience, and Consciousness by Rex Welshon (Montreal: McGill-Queen’s University Press, 2011) [Feb] (amazon.co.uk – Nov 2010)

Predictions in the Brain: Using Our Past to Generate a Future ed. by Moshe Bar (New York: Oxford University Press, 2011) [May] (amazon.co.uk – May)

Soul Dust: The Magic of Consciousness by Nicholas Humphrey (Princeton, N.J.: Princeton University Press, 2011) [Feb] (kindle ed.), (amazon.co.uk – Jan)

Wednesday’s Child: From Heidegger to Affective Neuroscience, a Field Theory of Angst by Gregory Schulz (Eugene, Or.: Wipf & Stock, 2011) [Jan] (amazon.co.uk – Jan)

Who Was Mrs Willett?: Landscapes and Dynamics of Mind by Chris Nunn (Exeter: Imprint Academic, 2011) [Jan] (amazon.co.uk – Jan)

Why Red Doesn’t Sound Like a Bell: Understanding the feel of consciousness by J K O’Regan (New York: Oxford University Press, 2011) [Jun] (amazon.co.uk – Jun)

Willful Blindness: Why We Ignore the Obvious at Our Peril by Margaret Heffernan (New York: Walker, 2011) [Mar] (kindle ed.), (amazon.co.uk – Feb)

These MIT Press titles listed on WorldCat could not be found at Amazon or on the publisher’s website, but may turn up later:

Meditating selflessly: practical neural Zen by James H Austin (Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 2011)

Re-emergence: locating conscious properties in a material world by Gerald Vision (Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 2011)

The wonder of consciousness: understanding the mind through philosophical reflection by Harold L Langsam (Cambridge, Mass.: MIT Press, 2011)

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  1. Comment by Marilou McIntyre:

    This blog is awesome! I discovered it while promoting my books–Fast Road To Happiness on conscious past-life regressions to heal phoebias and addictions for over twenty years and Life is Forever–Get Used To It researching physical phenomena that proves life after death and spirit communication under scientific test conditions.
    There are wondrous books available to expand and explain the mind and soul for the adventuresome. Life is wonderful. Thank you

    August 2, 2011 @ 2:41 pm

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