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A Year in Japan (Non-Fiction Five Challenge)

Written on September 30, 2007

[For this reading challenge I picked non-fiction titles that are outside the usual scope of my reading and of this website.]
A Year in Japan
A Year in Japan by Kate Williamson is the last book for the “Non-Fiction Five Challenge.” nff109×108.jpg This is a beautifully drawn travel journal by an artist who spent a year living in Kyoto. I did not feel like I got much of a deeper acquaintance with Japanese culture, but the book was filled with the kind of observations that strike a foreigner traveling in a new land. The reader who has never traveled to Japan can get a sense of experiencing an unfamiliar culture through the author’s drawings and brief written descriptions. Not much about Japanese popular culture here, but there are notes about the food, festivals, street scenes and sights of Kyoto.

Amazon has “Search Inside the Book” for this title, and the Google Book page also has some preview pages, plus reviews and web page references.

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