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new Kindle Owners’ Lending Library for Amazon Prime members

November 2, 2011

Amazon continues to add perks to its Amazon Prime membership program, now offering a Kindle Owners’ Lending Library for Amazon Prime members. According to Amazon’s website, “Kindle owners can now choose from thousands of books to borrow for free including over 100 current and former New York Times Bestsellers – as frequently as a book a month, with no due dates.”

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Amazon New Release categories

April 25, 2011

Amazon.com has removed some of the more specific categories from the New Releases and Browse Subjects sections. For example, we used to be able to drill down from “Nonfiction” to “Philosophy” to “Consciousness & Thought,” but now the selections stop at “Philosophy.” It is still possible to find the more specific categories through a Google search, such as: site:amazon.com new releases consciousness thought & subscribe to the feed provided at the bottom of the page at Amazon.com.

Here are links to the new releases in “Consciousness & Thought” and “Neuropsychology”:

Amazon’s New Releases in Consciousness & Thought

Amazon ‘s New Releases in Neuropsychology

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favorite Amazon browse categories

June 11, 2010

I’m working on a list of recent books in evolutionary psychology that will appear here soon. Meanwhile here’s a short list of places I check on Amazon.com when browsing for new books (Amazon.co.uk has a different system that I’ve never “sussed out”):

New Releases in Consciousness & Thought

New Releases in Neuropsychology

New Releases in Behavioral Science

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Browsing the virtual aisles at Amazon

August 11, 2009

I’ve found browsing the “New Releases” section in books at Amazon.com to be the best way to keep up with the new books coming out in various mind-related categories. For example, Clicking through “Books > New Releases > Nonfiction > Philosophy > Consciousness & Thought” gets me a listing of 100 “bestselling new & future releases” to browse through.

Today though I found out that going a different route, such as Books > Browse Subjects > Nonfiction > Philosophy > Consciousness & Thought provides a few different options through the left-hand menu. There’s a way to see books that have been published in the last 30 days, only those “coming soon” or printed books only, excluding Kindle editions and audiobooks.

Some other relevant categories:

Health, Mind & Body > Psychology & Counseling > Neuropsychology

Science > Behavioral Sciences

Nonfiction > Social Sciences > Anthropology


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BookMooch book sharing site

August 20, 2008


I’ve been trying out BookMooch over the past few days and having a good time with it. It seems to be a fairly active community of sharers. LibraryThing has integrated with BookMooch and other book sharing sites so you can check from a book’s LibraryThing page to see if copies are available or if people have it on their wishlists. I decided to give it a try after reading some discussion about BookMooch at LibraryThing. Of course, donating books to the local library is a good way to recycle them too!

As of this writing, I have a copy of The Creative Attitude by Roger Schank available in case anyone wants to “mooch” it (if you don’t mind “ex-library, no dust jacket”). I’m “D.A. Foster” at BookMooch, so let me know if you join up.

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